Sun Chase Playscape Removal

Aug 23, 2023

While this is not the news the board hoped to share with the residents, the board does wish that all residents will take sometime to read, understand, and digest the severity of the issues identified with the Sun Chase Playscape, in relation to the safety of the children of this district.

During the special board meeting held on August 22nd, 2023, the WTC MUD 1 board voted to remove the Sun Chase Playscape. This decision was not made without merit, rather, it was made with as much factual evidence that could be obtained, allowing the board to make a very informed/safety conscious decision. The board obtained safety inspections from two separate, certified, playscape structure inspectors, who deemed the playscape unsafe for patrons of all ages.

While this is a significant financial loss to the community, no financial loss is worth the life of a vulnerable child, unaware of safety hazards. The WTC MUD 1 board made the decision to protect its residents, by voting to remove the playscape.

Below we have provided links to some pertinent documents that we hope all residents who stumble upon this post will read, to help you understand the WTC MUD 1 board holds the residents of this community at the heart of their focus when making informed district decisions.

Public Playground Safety Handbook

Health and Safety Code Chapter 756

Safe to Play - Sun Chase Safety Inspection

Sun Chase Playscape - Removal Recommendation #1

Park Pro Tek Safety Inspections - Sun Chase playscape safety inspection begins on page 62.

Sun Chase Playscape - Removal Recommendation #2