District Committees

In order to efficiently manage its business, the district has established the following working committees, each comprised of two Board members. Committees are responsible for addressing the issues assigned to them between full Board meetings, examining and researching ideas for new ways forward, maintaining communication with District contractors, and managing problems as they occur. Committees do not have decision-making authority except in limited circumstances that have been pre-approved by the full Board. Most actions must be brought to the full Board for approval before they can be executed.

Audit Committee:

Responsibilities: Annual District-wide audit.

Billing & Invoice:

Responsibilities: Monthly District bills, invoices, and payments.

Budget Committee:

Responsibilities: Annual budgeting process.

Customer Care Committee:

Responsibilities: Questions and concerns from residents that don’t otherwise fall under another committee.

Deed Restriction Committee:

Responsibilities: Deed restriction enforcement.

Investment Committee:

Responsibilities: The District’s financial investments.

Open Records Committee:

Responsibilities: Open records requests and associated policies and processes.

Information Management Committee:

Responsibilities: Website management and handling of general communications with the public.

Infrastructure Committee: Hanoi Avila

Responsibilities: Water and wastewater systems, sidewalks and streets (in collaboration with the counties) and park and pond infrastructure (e.g., bridges and trails).

Parks Committee: David Flores and Kelley Masters

Responsibilities: Parks and public spaces, facility rentals, District landscaping, and District beautification.

Management Committee:

Responsibilities: Contract Management, High Level District Oversight

Records Modernization Committee:

Responsibilities: Digitizing District records and establishing cloud-based storage solutions.

Security Committee:

Responsibilities: Police protection and resident safety

Waste Management Committee:

Responsibilities: Solid waste disposal/trash collection

Stormwater Management Committee:

Responsibilities: Stormwater & MS4 Permit