Facility Reservations

To reserve any of our facilities listed above, please fill out the corresponding Reservation Application Form and email a copy to Parks@Inframark.com. Once you have sent the Application Form, you will be able to make your reservation through the online reservation system. Click the button below and set up an account, then you will be able to select your date and time. Be sure to also select the correct time frame for your event. Once you have created your account, and selected your desired reservation time, you will be sent to the Cash Register. Here you can make a payment with the credit card. Checks or money orders can be delivered in-person to the Inframark office during business hours. If you have any issues making your reservation, please email Parks@Inframark.com.

Attention Non-Profits!

To make a reservation as a Non-Profit Organization, you will have to fill out the Application Form that corresponds to your event site. You can then mail in the completed form or deliver it in person to the address listed below. There is a $5 hourly fee for a Non-Profit reservation. That fee can be paid with a check or money order made out to WTC Mud1.