Facility Reservations

The District has three spaces available for reservation:

Anderson Mill West Park Pavilion

Lakeline Oaks Park Pavilion

Lakeline Oaks District Building

Time slots may also be reserved for our tennis and pickleball courts. Please note that in order to use our tennis/pickleball courts, you must first have a membership with the District. See the District’s Park Rules for more information on memberships.

Step One: Park Use Applications

Download and complete the appropriate Park Use Application based on the options below. Email a copy of your completed application to parks@inframark.com.

Paper copies of Park Use Applications can be obtained at the District Building, 1000 Old Mill Rd. Paper copies of applications can be returned to the drop box located on the front of the building.

Note: if you would like to reserve the District Building and the Lakeline Oaks Pavilion simultaneously, you will need to fill out separate applications for both uses (Applications A and B).

Step Two: Reserve Your Space

When you are ready to reserve a specific time and place, reservations of the pavilion, District Building, and tennis/pickleball courts must be made through our online reservation system by clicking on the “Make a Reservation” button below.

You will also pay applicable reservation fees and security deposits at the time of your reservation, through the online system.

For District residents: To receive resident reservation rates you must have a registered reservation account. Please note that without a resident account, the reservation system will charge you non-resident rates.

To set up a resident account, please send an email to parks@inframark.com and include your name, phone number, and street address so we can verify your residency. Once approved (typically within 2 business days), you will receive a link to set up your account.

If you are a District resident who has accidentally paid the non-resident rate, please send us an email at Parks@Inframark.com so we can verify your residency and refund you the difference.