Play in the Mud: 5-Year Park Plan

WTC MUD No. 1 owns and maintains 6 parks and 8 detention ponds that double as additional park spaces. In order to maximize the value of these amenities for all residents, the District is working with a planning company called Verdunity to prepare a 5-year District-wide park plan.

Once adopted, the plan will be used to direct investments in and budgeting for our park system. To ensure the plan reflects the specific needs of our community, it is important that the planning process is inclusive and involves meaningful resident participation.

The process is being guided by a 7-person resident advisory committee, which includes representation from each of our District neighborhoods.

Park Plan Advisory Committee Members:

Megan Dudo, Board of Directors
Beth Jones, Board of Directors
Jana Ramirez: Secretary
Emilee Blackburn
Gerald Burgess
Julie Potts
Carrol Norrell

Public Input Opportunities

Current Input Opportunities

The draft park plan is available for review. If you would like to submit comments on the draft, please send an email to no later than July 3, 2022.

Please note there is an error on page 19 of the Draft Plan, which will be updated prior to plan adoption. The Old Mill Park "Observations" should read as follows:

  • Incremental and small-scale changes to this space could do a lot to increase its value to surrounding neighbors while maintaining the peaceful character of the space.
  • Landscaping and beautification efforts and low-level lighting would improve the space aesthetically and also help create a place where neighbors want to spend time.
  • The masonry walls that were installed throughout the District many years ago do not extend around the sides and back perimeter of this park. Instead, individual property owner’s fences provide the only barrier between this park and adjacent properties. An attractive 8-foot District owned fence could make the space look more cared for.
  • The lack of any play spaces or features, and the park’s proximity to the street mean that children rarely spend time in this park. Small changes could help make the space safer and more welcoming for families with children as well as adults.

Click here to watch the presentation on the Draft Plan given by Verdunity at the June 15th Board meeting. The presentation begins at 54 minutes and 30 seconds.

The revised plan will be brought to the Board for adoption on July 20, 2022.

Past Input Opportunities


Background Data

Process Documents

Project Timeline:

Phase 1: Discovery

Review the existing park plan and recent projects, evaluate park use, and gather input on future directions

Resident input opportunities:

  • Verdunity Site Visit
  • Survey #1

Phase 2: Idea Exploration

Based on input received in Phase 1, explore options for what could be implemented in the District’s parks and identify priority directions.

Resident input opportunities:

  • Survey #2

Phase 3: Develop the Plan

Prepare a first draft of the plan, which will include an implementation plan and concept graphic for Anderson Mill West Park. Draft documents will be available for public comment and review

Resident input opportunities:

  • Comment on draft documents

Phase 4: Adopt and Implement

Board adoption of the plan and planning for a kick-off event or project to celebrate the next 5 years of District parks.

Resident input opportunities:

  • Get involved in implementation!

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