Old Mill Park

Old Mill Park (also known to residents as “Gazebo Park”) is a small, linear pocket park located along Old Mill Road in the Hunter’s Glenn neighborhood. The park is bordered on three sides by the fenced backyards of adjacent residential properties.

Current Park Amenities:

  • Open lawn area
  • Gazebo
  • Free Little Library

The Future of Old Mill Park:

The District’s 2022 Adopted Park Plan includes the following recommendations for future improvements to Old Mill Park over the next 5 years.

  • Lighting in gazebo and landscaping lighting throughout park
  • Improved landscaping around gazebo
  • Install seating and “gathering” areas throughout park
  • Small-scale and imaginative play features, such as a small playhouse
  • 8-foot “fencecrete” fence (in lieu of masonry wall) along sides and back of park