Resident Q & A

Residents are encouraged to submit their questions to the Board of Directors, who will answer questions directly. If you have a question that hasn't yet been addressed on this page, please visit the contact form by clicking here or e-mail individual Board members whose e-mail addresses can be found here.

Deed Restrictions

When was the deed restriction committee changed to a full meeting and why was the change made?

Unlike other Committees, meetings of the Deed Restriction Committee (DRC) have always operated in the format of a Public meeting with an agenda posted, as per statute, in advance of the meeting. That was necessitated by the fact that the DRC has the authority to make binding decisions relative to Deed Restriction enforcement. It became apparent that many issues arose at DRC meetings that required referral to the full Board. Sometimes those issues involved persons who were present at the DRC meeting who were therefore advised to return to the full Board meeting which, of course, was inconvenient for them. In addition, issues would arise at DRC meetings that were of interest to non-DRC Board members. Unfortunately, they could not attend as the meeting would then include a Board quorum.

Those experiences led the Board, during 2008 (we’re still researching the exact date), to decide to organize DRC meetings as Special Board meetings where issues not related to DRC enforcement could also be addressed, providing that such issues were covered by an agenda item. That decision has served to diminish the duration of regular Board meetings which, prior to the change, sometimes lasted until 11:00 PM or later.

Parks and Ponds

What Herbicides are used to combat weeds in the parks?

We want to provide as much knowledge as we can with regards to the herbicide used for spot treatment of weeds in the decomposed granite trails throughout the MUD. The District landscaper, Sunscape, uses an herbicide called Finale. Finale is a contact herbicide which means that it does not trans-locate throughout the plants and does not affect the roots below the surface. Finale only kills what it touches and is a mild herbicide that will dry in the heat of the day within a few minutes of spraying.

Only the weeds that are growing in the DG trails are being treated; the trails are not blanket treated with a large amount of herbicide. Because of this, the chances of reaction or translocation for people or pets is slim to none.

Do herbicides affect runoff into drainage ponds and aquifers?

First and foremost, herbicide use in drainage ponds is not allowed. Both the MUD and Sunscape are well aware of this, therfore no herbicides are used in any WTC MUD #1 drainage ponds.

Finale herbicide, being a contact herbicide, does not penetrate the surface or root structures, meaning that it will not impact runoff into ground aquifers.

Below is a link where the EPA has approved the herbicide, Finale, that Sunscape uses. The most updated EPA approval is dated 2/7/2020 and can be found here:

The EPA registration number for Finale is 7969-444.

Why is hatch pond the only pond or park being commercialized by being available to rent?

The decision to make Hatch Pond available to rent through the WTC MUD 1 reservation system is in direct response to how this space is being used by the community. It is very common for this space to be used for organized practice for football, soccer, baseball and softball throughout the different seasons by organized teams outside of the WTC MUD 1. It’s not possible to prevent outside groups from using WTC MUD 1 facilities and it’s common for WTC MUD 1 residents to participate in these groups. The hope is by being able to reserve the space, conflicts between completing teams for the space will be eliminated. This will allow the WTC MUD 1 to ask for insurance from the sponsoring organization representing these groups.

What is a ‘sanctioned group (non-profit)’ designation?

For the purposes of renting facilities in the WTC MUD 1, any group not commercial is considered non-profit. Typical examples would be:

  • Boy Scouts
  • Girl Scouts
  • Churches
  • Toastmasters
  • Junior Toastmasters (the Cedar Park 4H Gavel Club)
  • Cedar Park Women’s Group

In the case of the Toastmasters, 4H, and the Cedar Park Women’s Group, WTC MUD 1 residents participate in these groups. It was WTC MUD 1 residents who initiated the relationship with the WTC MUD 1.

If WTC MUD 1 residents participate in a group looking for a meeting space, they are encouraged to stop by 1000 Old Mill to inquire about availability.

Who are the current sanctioned groups using the WTC MUD 1 facilities?

Currently, the sanctioned groups with reoccurring 6-month reservations for use of the meeting room at 1000 Old Mill are:

  • Toastmasters
  • Junior Toastmasters (the Cedar Park 4H Gavel Club)
  • Cedar Park Women’s Group Yoga Class

These groups have leaders and general members who are WTC MUD 1 residents. All these groups are paying for the use of 1000 Old Mill.

If you’re interested in joining these groups, please visit their websites at:

Which groups can receive security access cards to 1000 Old Mill?

The HOAs and Neighborhood Associations in the WTC MUD 1 can receive security access cards. These groups are:

  • Volente Hills HOA
  • Hunters Glenn HOA
  • Lake Line Oaks
  • Anderson Mill West Neighborhood Association

Groups with standing reservations are also provided an access card, for example:

  • Toastmasters
  • Junior Toastmasters (the Cedar Park 4H Gavel Club)
  • Cedar Park Women’s Group Yoga Class

Has there always been a fee required to access the tennis courts?

As far back as the current boards institutional knowledge goes, there has always been a fee to get a key to the unlock the tennis courts. The current security system allows the WTC MUD 1 to turn off the access key for holders who are violating policy or haven’t paid their annual membership fee. In addition, purchasing the access key gives the holder access to the reservation system so they can see the tennis court reservation calendar.

The WTC MUD 1 charges $250 for commercial users. is this fee meant to cover maintenance on the facility?

The fee the WTC MUD 1 charges commercial groups goes into general revenue and supports ongoing maintenance in the district. In addition to the fees commercial users pay, they must show proof of insurance.

Who are the commercial users currently using WTC MUD 1 facilities?

Currently there are 2 tennis instructors using WTC MUD 1 tennis courts: Sherry Rhoden and Kathy Jacques. Neither instructor is a WTC MUD 1 resident. Kathy Jacques currently reserves the courts for 37 hours a week while Sherry Rhoden reserves the courts for 16 hours a week.

Additionally, Camp Gladiator provides one-hour crossfit cardio classes at the Anderson Mill West Pavilion twice a week.

Can new commercial organizations apply to use WTC MUD 1 facilities?

Absolutely! The WTC MUD 1 is always receptive to new opportunities for its residents. Commercial organizations can contact Inframark at 512-246-0498 x30411 to start the communication with the district.

How were the bench colors at hatch pond decided?

Thank you for your comments regarding the possible color choices for the benches in Hatch Pond which are being replaced. You are correct there are many choices available all of which fall into the category of natures colors. Feedback from the vendor, however, actually played a big factor in helping the Parks Committee agree upon the color ultimately chosen. The original colors desired by the Committee apparently looked beautiful at installation, but didn’t hold up to the UV exposure, faded and quickly became unattractive. This is the reason the final blue color was decided upon.