Sep 12, 2022

EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY: Only handheld hose watering with water shutoff sprayer is allowed; All irrigation system and hose-end sprinkler use is now prohibited. We promised you updates, and unfortunately the leak in the Brushy Creek Regional Utility Authority (BCRUA) underwater intake line has grown significantly. We must lessen the strain on the system by reducing water usage now. We still anticipate the repair being complete by October 4. We truly apologize for any inconvenience, and we will keep you posted with updates as they become available. Thank you for your cooperation.

The Brushy Creek Regional Utility Authority (BCRUA) is a regional water utility, of which Cedar Park is a member. The BCRUA serves as Cedar Park’s secondary water treatment plant, providing approximately 20 percent of Cedar Park’s total daily water use. However, the BCRUA must make a critical repair to its underwater raw intake pipeline in Lake Travis. This is because during the BCRUA repair, Cedar Park will be relying solely on the City of Cedar Park water treatment plant. The City of Cedar Park has a secure water supply and is confident that indoor use will not be impacted.

The City has a hotline for reporting outdoor water usage violations: 512-401-5308. Violations may also be reported online here

For more resources on how to manage your water use, the City of Cedar Park offers water-saving tips, information on rebates and resources and a digital metering portal here. The digital metering portal allows customers to monitor water usage in near real-time, set up customized alerts and detect water waste.

For further clarification, YES, this does affect all customers in WTC MUD 1. We are mirroring what you will find on the City of Cedar Parks website above to ensure all information is presented clearly for our residents. WTC MUD 1 receives it's water supply from the City of Cedar Park, thus this directly affects all residents located in the district.