2905 1/2 aSTER pASS

cEDAR pARK, tx 78613

Aster Park is on Aster Pass street near El Salido.  The park, which has trees and flowering plants as well as seating, was built at the former site of an elevated water tank.  Prior to demolition of the tank, the site was also used, occasionally, to park Cedar Park utility vehicles.  Fearful that, after demolition, the site would be used for even more extensive parking of utility vehicles, the MUD undertook to purchase the site and develop it into a park.  Because the purchase was between public bodies the cost was minimal.


  There are no parks in the MUD District or nearby where youngsters can roam free without the risk of running into the street.  To accommodate that need, the Park is entirely fenced and includes a self-closing, locking gate.  Also included are playscapes for the very young and seating for persons who wish to just relax.  


The park is open from sunup to sunset with the gate locking and unlocking automatically at times that vary with the seasonal change in sunrise and sunset.  Persons can exit the Park any time with the help of simple push bar.



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